Emma Sebregts

welcome to my mind

Reflective Note

The small writing below gives an idea about how I have begun to approach my practice this semester as I moved toward more personal subject matter inspirations and self reflective works.

The first drawings I make are with my eyes. They notice the shapes and interactions of lines or light or shades and start to build the very first version of the work in my head. Making the very first configuration of my work completely a compartment of my own body gaining structure through the material of my mentality and making its existence entirely dependent on if whether or not I choose to remember it. Then my idea gains physical form by when I start to perform the work by acting out all the lines via gestures with my body. Now my physical form and mobility start to have their own manipulation upon the forms. The artwork experiences a separation from my body when it gains its own physical body but can also never completely remove itself from the fact that it is a discarded form of my body and only alienate its structure over time. In this way I could define my work as an extension of myself in the moment that I choose to make it but the works also loose this identity increasingly as my physical and mental body alienates increasingly from the one that created through time. This is when I start to consider that my works may be versions of my body that I have left behind capturing my former selfs.